Iddo Bar-Shai will play a beautiful chamber music program at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris on May 3
Not to be missed !

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videos porno doctor Iddo Bar-Shai is one of the finest Israeli pianists . A true musician, a poet.
There are those rare listening occasions that immediately sweep you right off your feet for a magical journey from which you only return after the final note.
Born in Nazareth Illi in 1977, he was noticed since his early years and benefited from age 11 years of the scholarship of the Cultural Foundation America-Israel.
He attended Pnina Salzman’s classes at the Rubin Academy of Music inTel Aviv and received advice from Alexis Weissenberg.
He has a remarkable career performing on the most important stages: Wigmore Hall in London, Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv, Champs-Elysees Theater in Paris, Opera City Hall in Tokyo, Zhongshan Concert Hall in Beijing
He played under the baton of famous conductors as Eliahu Inbal, Lawrence Foster, Jesús Lopez Cobos, Kaspar Zehnder, Aldo Ceccato and with renowned orchestras as the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestre National de Lille, the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris, the Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the English Chamber Orchestra and many others.
Iddo has been invited to play every year since 2004 at the prestigious International Piano Festival of La Roque d’Anthéron. He performed at the Verbier Festival, at the Ravinia Festival (USA), La Grange de Meslay festival in France, the Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival , the Radio-France music festival in Montpellier, the Menton festival, as well as regularly performing in the “La Folle Journée” festivals taking place in Nantes, Lisbon, Tokyo, Warsaw and Rio de Janeiro.
This season included a collaboration with legendary pianist Menahem Pressler and a collaboration playing with the legendary pianist Martha Argerich.
His recordings of Haydn’s sonatas, the works of Couperin, Chopin Mazurkas are references and gained much praise in the press.

follow François Couperin “Les Ombres Errantes” His father’s family fled in the last minute from Vienna to Palestine in 1939 . His grandmother on mother’s side lost almost all her family in Poland.
A big part of Iddo’s family lived in Belgium.

johnny madnis porn Herewith his testimony written on “Yom Hashoah” . Pain and hope: it’s a painful day in Israel, remembering the Holocaust. In a sense we are all survivors of these terrible, brutal and dark times, we’re the remains of flourishing communities, of all the murdered people who had still hopes and dreams cut in an incomprehensible way. My family as well suffered heavily. In Vienna my father’s family fled in 1939 to Palestine on the last moment, leaving behind his grandmother Berta (Bracha) Schieber (maiden name Seltzer). She wanted to stay and asked in disbelief “what would they do to an old lady…? “, oh they did- she was taken by force from her home in Rembrandtstrasse , sent in a cattle train to be shot, murdered in a forest outside Riga, Latvia (if she survived the train ride of a few days in freezing winter with no heating, food, water, toilet or any basic human conditions… I hope for her she didn’t make that ride and that it was quick. Or my mother’s family… her mother Chava Dombrower lost almost all of her extended family in Ostrów Mazowiecka and Tchichev (Poland) who were murdered. From hundreds of relatives eventually only 2 cousins survived (2!)- this community was just wiped out. My grandfather Abraham (Adolf) Miliband who grew up in Berlin, lost his 3 sisters in Paris (Simone, Jeanne and Liliane) who were collected with their mother Brucha Miliband in the “Rafle”, sent to Auschwitz and murdered in the age of 4, 8 and 10… I share here their photos from the Shoah memorial in Paris (the very moving room with the photos of all the children sent in the Rafle to their death).
However my thoughts are more about those who showed humanity, morality, compassion and hope. Those we should follow today in an evermore intolerant time that is unfolding in front of our eyes. These are the stories we should all read about, open our hearts to, be encouraged by and learn from. Members of my family were lucky to be helped and saved by some of these incredible people.
One of these stories is about a Belgian village called Montignies-Lez-Lens and the Vos family, farmers who hid 17 members of my family during the war . Among them was the sister of my great grandfather whose name was Rivka Miliband–Slupowsky, who was a well known Hebrew teacher in Antwerpen. People in the village knew and all kept it a secret, they were taking a huge risk and they all collaborated willingly in the name of justice and compassion. You can read about it here
in English…/The-remarkable-story-of-how-E…
or here in French:…/autres-f…/la-famille-vos
Most of the Miliband family members today scattered around the globe, owe their lives to these brave farmers. Could we find bravery and compassion within us too? For me, this is the question that echoes during this painful day.