hot ass webcam girl Friday day five of the QE Competition. sexo y stravinsky We heard the best and the worst candidates. Lukas Vondracek and Aljosa Jurinic the best, Yoonji Kim and Larry Weng who should not have been in the finals. The problem for the jury now is how to give points and make a difference between very different gifted pianists, each with qualities and flaws. free bbw mom porn Dmitry Shishkin is the only representative of the Russian piano school this year… He chose to play the Tchaikovsky 1, one of the great favourites of the public. A bit a dangerous choice, because everyone has his preferred version in his ears : Horowitz, Argerich, Kissin, Sokolov… Shishkin has a flawless technique and musicality, I miss a bit of creativity. angelo garcia porn Alberto Ferro , 20 years old and Alex Beyer are the youngest finalists of this edition. They both play with sincerity and freshness. click Ferro dares more. He plays the imposed work by heart. It is an unnecessary risk, but maybe he memorizes quickly and plays it with more freedom. Rach 1 is less played and he makes the most of this youth concerto. Public is seduced and give him a big acclaim.I come back to the jury member’s reflexion when we had different opinions. Music is not an exact science, it is a matter of taste.