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  • Iddo Bar-Shai one of the finest Israeli pianists . A true musician, a poet.

    Iddo Bar-Shai will play a beautiful chamber music program at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris on May 3 Not to be missed ! http://www.theatrechampselysee s.fr/saison/recital/recital-instruments-musique-de-chambre/m-prudenskaya-v-frang-l-power-a-werlerstein-i-bar-sha%C3%AF Iddo Bar-Shai is one of the finest Israeli pianists . A true musician, a poet. There are those rare listening occasions that immediately sweep you right off your […]........ Read More »

    Music lovers from all parts of the world and from Monaco, rushed for one of the important annual musical events at the Opéra Garnier. The “Monte-Carlo Masters”. This year is dedicated to the violin , next year voice and 2018 piano. The impressive jury with the star of the violin Maxim Vengerov presiding, Zakhar Bron […]........ Read More »

    Jean-Marie Fournier had a brilliant idea. To organize a Competition very different than all the others in the world, with only Prizewinners of other competitions , and as for tennis championships, only one Prizewinner. This way only the best musicians are competing. With the help of his wife Chantal, he turns this idea into reality […]........ Read More »
  • Results Finals Queen Elisabeth Piano Competition 2016. And the winner is… Lukas Vondracek

    I am very pleased with the results. Lukas Vondracek is the Winner ! As soon as I heard him playing I knew it. He is above all the other Finalists. He is also prepared to give all the concerts coming after the Competition. Kramer 2nd. Astonishing Prokofiev 2 Young Alex Beyer 3rd. Means that the […]........ Read More »
  • Finals Queen Elisabeth Competition : saturday May 28 – Okada – Kramer

    Saturday last evening of the Competition, followed by the Prize Awards. As it often happens, still an outstanding pianist on the last evening. Henry Kramer from the US, gave a brilliant Prokofiev 2, with all the crunch and sarcasm the work requires. I preferred it to Hans H.Suh’s version. Before an unconvincing Rachmaninoff 2 from […]........ Read More »